Goodbye summer?

Here we are having entered September, as the summer – or what’s left of it at least – just seems to be slowly fading away…
I remember going on and on about how much I was going to enjoy this summer and reward myself after working my socks off during the last academic year. However, instead I hypocritically find myself itching to actually move back to Leicester and return to the jist of University life once again.

Karam… back to education? Are you crazy? What have you been drinking?
Are probably some of the questions going through your heads as you read this, but to be honest everyone I know is either going back to work or starting their own education earlier than me which leaves me in a bit of a boring mess. The only real things I’m looking forward to at the moment whilst stuck at home are:
a) Not having to cook as much for another month (thank you Mum!).
b) Being able to watch the team I support – Blackburn Rovers – in the flesh for a few more games.
c) Seeing Jason Manford at the end of the month.
Other than the above, I find myself doing nothing but going through a never changing loop of waking up, pretending to do something productive for a few hours, then sleeping again.

So, is it really just my education that I miss in Leicester? Well, perhaps slightly. However now that the mass majority of my friends and family back home are going back to their normal lives away from their own homes, I find myself being a bit of a lone ranger.

If you’re going into your first year, you probably feel pretty excited. However the feeling is completely different going into your second year, in a weird way. It’s as if what I was looking forward to – or nervous about – going into my first year at University is completely different to the feelings of going into my second year.

Feelings which are mutual going into my second year definitely include the excitement of moving into a new room with new flat/housemates.
However when gliding into your first year, you find that you are more concerned about things like freshers, making friends, joining societies, discovering a new geographical area and meeting your ‘lecture mates’.
But going into your second year, you realise that you’re not in University accommodation anymore and that settling back in might have a few more twists than you expected. You find that the stuff you were worrying about before are no longer issues as you’ve already become somewhat established at University and that you’re worrying about things like having to cook for yourself (especially if you were catered the year before) and having to discover more of your surroundings rather than just the area between your University & bus stop! You find that you have to prepare yourself for dealing with house bills. But at the same time the feelings are mixed because you know you’re going to live with people who you’re definitely really good friends with and so on.

If I’ve been able to portray the difference in feelings to you, then great. If I’ve failed at doing so miserably, then I apologise but stay tuned as I have another blog post lined up very shortly.

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