My key list…

As you may have guessed, the shopping list I’m on about is my key list for University.
Fortunately, I still have another week until I move back to jolly old Leicester so I guess I still have some time to prepare myself.
So… here goes nothing! Below I will list a few of the items which I deem to be most important.

Item #1 – A few forms of identity (yes… I know you can’t technically put these on your shopping list… but you get the point!).
Examples of these include your passport and your driving license (If you don’t have a provisional at least, then sort one out. It will come handy during freshers.). Chuck in a few spare passport photos as well, you never know when you might need them.

Item #2 – Paper plates/bowls, cups & perhaps some plastic spoons.
Call me lazy, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered with regular plates and cutlery during my first year. I felt like I had better things to do than the long and difficult task of washing up. Simply make your food, stick it on a paper plate, then once you’re done chuck it in the bin! Simples. This is assuming you plan on eating, of course. Same goes for the plastic cups.

Item #3 – A few alarm clocks.
Only buy the above item if you plan to attend lectures or if you happen to be pretty good at getting up in the morning. From experience, I have found that the mass majority of students at University are near impossible to wake up – myself being one of them. Don’t forget that you will most likely have one built into your mobile phone as well!

Item #4 – Fire alarm clothes.
The above sounds silly, but it’s true. Make sure you take a robe, a onesie or some PJ’s with you so you have something to quickly put on when your fire alarm goes off at 3am in the morning! It will happen often… believe me. Especially if you are in student accommodation. Feel free to ignore this of course if you fancy standing outside and freezing for 15 minutes after being in your warm and comfy bed.

Item #5 – Post it notes.
Again, you might think this item is a bit awkward. However I can’t emphasize how important I find post it notes. They’re amazing for… notes (durhhhh). But seriously, if you’re the kind of person who is forgetful and can get overwhelmed when you’ve got a gazillion things planned to do, use some post it notes! I use them for appointments, coursework deadlines, exam dates, test notes and more! I just write something on one and then stick it to my desk. This way I never forgot any coursework deadlines and always remembered whether I had work to do or not. Once I was finished with a specific note, I’d simply chuck it in the bin.

That’s it for this blog post. Can’t wait to move back to Leicester! Only a matter of time now…

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