After reading the blog title, you’re probably wondering “finally what?”.
So, I’m going to complete the title.
Finally… *drum roll please*… my workload has slightly decreased (after two consecutive class tests), giving me time to write this blog post.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to speak about in this post if I’m fully honest, so I thought I’d just chat a bit about my favourite month of the year… November.
Now you’re probably wondering why it’s my favourite month. Well, it’s simple. My birthday is this month and it’s Movember!

My birthday will be on the 9th… so any presents are more than welcome (just kidding). I’m unsure whether I’ll go home or not yet. A £40 return train ticket isn’t cheap on a student’s budget. Plus I don’t know what work might crop up.

This year will be my first year actually doing Movember. I’m going to take a picture every day of the month and create a little growth montage by the end of it for a laugh. Obviously I want to try and raise money as well which is normally done through the Movember website to support prostate and testicular cancer. However I also want to try and raise money for Syria, so I’m going to look a little bit more into the Movember website and see if it’s possible to choose a custom charity like the just giving website. I’ll keep you all updated.

Are you doing anything for Movember? What makes November special for you? Let me know in the comments.

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