CW301 at 3:01

It’s three o’clock in the morning,
you are a Computer Science student,
you have a Software Engineering assignment due in at eight AM,
what do you do?

2nd years in the labs

Thanks to #AmoPhotography!

The answer to the above is quite simple, arguably somewhat of a creed that all Computer Scientists live by…
Take over the labs all night, work ’till your eyes turn red, every minute is another mark, welcome to the life of a Computer Science student.
Some may call it poor time management while they lay in their warm beds at home. However I am sure most would all strongly beg to differ.
I remember taking part in one of these lab sessions during my first year. I must admit, walking back to Oadby at 4AM was definitely an interesting experience to say the least. However, I got to see loads of foxes which was a bonus at the time.

Here’s another question. What goes well with work?
If you answered pizza, well done.
The fact that it can sometimes take some people (who are meant to be 2nd year University students) an entire hour to figure out what they want to order & how they want to split the bill (just a heads up, deciding to split the bill equally when some people ordered a large pizza and others ordered a can of coke isn’t a good idea) can sometimes be a turn off, however you get by it in the end.
I mean, it’s not like Computer Science is a maths based course is it? *cough* *cough*

Early morning pizza

Thanks to #AmoPhotography!

I don’t really have much more to say. The above post is just a slight taster of what I go through from time to time as a student. It’s tiring, however in a weird way, when we graduate at the end of next year (hopefully) it’ll be silly little all nighters like this which we’ll miss the most and talk about before bidding each other farewell after graduation.

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