Another blog post about revision… with a twist


Hopefully everyone is enjoying their holidays so far as we approach 2014.
It honestly seems like it turned 2013 a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how fast time flies by.

So, revision eh? The word we all hate. The action we all hate. Fortunately though, as a University student you eventually become immune to the word. I admit that I still feel a little bit of me die on the inside whenever I hear the word but I’m just about hanging in there.
If you’re one of those students who has had a chance to enjoy their Christmas holiday so far and take a few days off, I hope you end up loving every single minute of it because I’m sure us Computer Scientists would like to be in your shoes.
I still have half an assignment to complete (which I anticipate will take another 4-5 days as it includes the development of an entire system from scratch) and whatever time I have left will be to revise further for my 100% exam 20 credit module (ouch…). Just to clarify before the ‘stop leaving everything until the last minute’ police pop up, I have been working on both since the last day of University before Christmas.
Oh yes, that reminds me. I also forgot to mention another system I had to create with a 9am deadline. My parents looked like they wanted to cry when they woke up and found I still hadn’t gone to bed all night thanks to the assignment…

As you have probably gathered from what I said above, I obviously don’t feel too well at the moment however whenever I feel down, I remember that there are people in the world who are less fortunate than me. When I find myself at home, my parents tend to switch the satellite on a fair bit (when my brother isn’t playing Grand Theft Auto or FIFA of course). It’s safe to say that Lebanese news tends to cover the Syrian crisis more than the news outlets over here do. Naturally this is obviously the case because Lebanon is a lot more closer to Syria.
Despite being the most significantly smallest country out of the other major Syrian refugee accepting surrounding countries (such as Turkey, Jordan & Egypt) it has had the largest refugee intake of an estimated 1.3 million Syrian refugees since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, which is quite a lot when you consider Lebanon’s population in 2010 was around 3.25 million people. Second on the list is Jordan with an estimated 545,000 refugees and third is Turkey with an estimated 500,000.

A few days before Christmas, snow storm “Alexa” hit Lebanon, Turkey, Syria & other surrounding countries. Unfortunately this obviously (keeping a long story short) led to many refugees in the region quite simply freezing up in ways most of us probably can’t even imagine. I don’t need to tell you what this led to.
Now, I would put pictures up however the truth is a lot of them that I’ve seen are very disturbing (as well as potential copyright issues). So go ahead, if you have a minute free, Google/Twitter photo search it.
Putting assignments & exams a side, at least at the end of the day we still have roofs above our heads.

If you want to help, my justgiving page is still up and running from Movember where I grew my moustache to raise donations for the Syrian refugees.
Feel free to donate if I’ve made you feel guilty. If I haven’t made you feel guilty, then do it for the sake of Christmas and for the new year. Money goes straight to the charity:

That’s it for this blog post. My next one probably won’t be until after my exam in January which might be about new years resolutions or something along those lines. I’ll see you then… and if you’re ever feeling down, remember that no matter what we get as our module results, at least we have a roof over our heads.

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