Wind, wind and more wind

As most of you may have probably realised… THERE’S A LOT OF WIND OUTSID             E!
So much so it even blew the E away 🙁

However on a serious note, the weather forecast doesn’t look good – particularly up North – so if you’ve got family up North like me, make sure you tell them to wrap up well and stay safe!
I for one am not looking forward to chilling in my room with single glazing tonight (no pun intended…). So if you have double glazed windows, please remember little old me who is less fortunate than you.

For most people, Wednesday is almost a day off. However today I’ve found myself sat in the labs for about 6 hours straight trying to fiddle around with some different SQL databases ranging from MySQL to PostgreSQL to Microsoft SQL Server 2012. As it stands, Microsoft SQL Server partnered alongside MySQL suit my needs the best however I’ll have to wait and see.

I am unsure if the use of Microsoft SQL Server is permitted for University projects because it isn’t exactly open source… but then again we’re students who have access to Dreamspark who can technically ‘buy’ it for free… so I don’t know.

But that’s about it for this second blog post. A lot of wind and a lot of SQL pretty much sums up my day. I might also find myself doing a bit of linux shell later assuming I don’t end up playing FIFA or trying out a game released today called Infinity Wars with a few of my housemates:

To conclude, let me know how you spent your day and remember to wrap up warm!

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