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Hey guys,
Now with exams over, it’s that time of year again to sort your accommodation out for next year!
If you’ve not left it late (admittedly like I have done, tehehe) then well done and read no further. However if we’re on the same page… read on.
We’re students and we’re broke… riiiight? If you’re a first year and are looking to move into non-Uni accommodation next year, below are some of the best locations I’ve discovered in Leicester distance wise, price wise and surrounding wise.
1. Evington
Only a short walk from University, Evington is a great area to consider living next year. Most houses are of the older kind – meaning walls will actually be made of brick rather than that plasterboard rubbish they seem to use in newer houses nowadays. I’d suggest that you don’t delve too deep into Evington and try to remain on the outskirting areas which are closer to Uni however still within walking distance of amenities like Londis and the Co-op. Prices from what I’ve seen vary from around £45pw to around £70pw and most houses seem to be 3-4 bedroom houses or larger houses which have been split up into smaller flats. Not only are there a few supermarkets and paper shops here and there, but there’s also a lot of takeaways if you aren’t a fan of cooking. I personally recommend Best Shawarma (£2.50 for a massive shawarma), Chilli Flames (Almost better than Nandos and about half the price) & Jungle Paprika (Very reasonably priced and tasty).

Town isn’t too far from Evington either meaning both the train station and highcross are also within walking reach (assuming it isn’t pouring it down outside).

Distance to Uni: 7/10
Distance to Town: 7/10
Price: 7/10
Amenities: 8/10

2. Clarendon Park – Queens Road side
If you’re a first year living in Oadby, then you’ll definitely be driving past houses on Queens Road every day on the good ol’ 80 & 80A. As you’ve probably seen, it’s a very nice area with a few bars, delis and shops around. Most definitely not as much as Evington has to offer but probably somewhat slightly safer… even though I’ve never had any trouble anywhere in Leicester to be honest no matter what time of day or night. Most houses are old terraced houses and slightly pricier than their equivalent in the Evington area, ranging around £55pw to £85pw. You are also further away from town, so that’s one sacrifice you’ll have to make to basically live in a nicer area.

Distance to Uni: 6.5/10
Distance to town: 6/10
Price: 6.5/10
Amenities: 7/10

3. Clarendon Park – Welford Road side
Most students will be relatively familiar with the Welford Road side of Leicester, especially those who live in Nixon court. Again consisting of mainly aged old houses, Welford Road finds itself as the home of many University of Leicester students. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, drive or walk down the road and I guarantee you’ll see “TO LET” signs left right and center. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing… you decide.
Amenities are alright however you’ll probably be looking to get ASDA delivery sorted out to be your main source of shopping (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all). The walk into Uni is slightly up hill and long-ish depending on how far down into Welford Road you live, however it’s still a very popular area amongst students. From what I’ve heard, crime in certain places isn’t common as there is the huge “Welford Road Police Station” slap bang in the middle of the area. As for houses, most are a decent size and the price range isn’t too bad either ranging from around £55pw to £85pw. Still better than £150pw in JoFo surely? Oh… and that wretched £300 Arriva bus pass they ‘forget’ to tell us about 😉
The main down side I would say is that it is a bit far from town. You could keep walking forward, past Morrisons, past the King Power Stadium and into town but it’s still a long treck compared to the one you’d make from Evington. However there are tons of bus journeys running in case you really need to go to town in a rush. An advantage would be that it’s the closest out of the three areas to the Freeman Common’s NHS Health Center. So if you find yourself visiting the doctor a lot (which I hope none of you do), then definitely consider Welford Road.

Distance to Uni: 6.5/10
Distance to town: 5.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Amenities: 7/10

…and that’s it for this post guys. Hope I’ve helped and inspired some of you to move out of University accommodation next year. With the money I saved in the first semester, I bought myself a little laptop so imagine how much you could save?

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