Flippin’ heck that went fast!

Well, who would’ve guessed it?
The second semester exam period is almost among us and it seems like yesterday I just walked out of the exam hall for my last exam of the first semester.
People say time flies when you’re having fun – make of that what you will, in student terms.

On another note, when I reflect back on the two second semesters which I’ve experienced so far at University, they always seem to fly by whilst the first semesters always drag on and never seem to end.
The second semester is always around 2 weeks shorter than the first semester meaning the weeks we miss out, we make up for straight after coming back from our Easter holidays. The main downside for this is that it means not only do students have to prepare for exams during their 5 week holiday but to also do a ton of coursework on top – so it’s probably safe to say that my Christmas holiday had a less workload – but oh well, University never was going to be all fun and games was it?

As this is of course a Computer Science blog, I thought it’d be relevant for me to try and discuss roughly what some of these courseworks entail just in case any of you potential Computer Scientists who haven’t quite yet come to University are wondering what challenges you’d encounter within your second year.

  1. Involves writing a lot of documentation, an essay and carrying on the development of a large web application.
  2. The writing of a client-server Java application.
  3. The creation of a 3D Java scene featuring collision detection etc.

…and the rest is non-stop revision for 3 exams. It won’t be an easy 5 weeks, but I’ve had worse (who am I kidding… I’m doomed :P). But oh well, I better go and get cracking.

If you have any questions related or unrelated to this blog post, don’t hesitate to comment below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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