I need more than 24 hours in a day…

In recent weeks, I’ve honestly been crying out loud for more than 24 hours in a day.
“Why?” you might ask?
Well, the answer is simple. I have 3 exams in 3 weeks time and I can’t revise for them until I finish all of my coursework…

Now you’re thinking – well, you’ve had 4 weeks off for Easter Karam, why didn’t you finish your coursework early?
If you are, then my answer in reply to that is – what if I told you, that I’ve been working on the coursework since the start of the holiday for a constant 10 hours a day & have had so much of it assigned to me that I still have not been able to finish it?

I sometimes wish all I had to do was write essays… and if you are on a University course which consists of writing essays then I envy you. Maybe because I know deep down that not only would I enjoy writing essays but because the small number of essays we’ve been asked to write so far in my BSc degree (about 3-4 essays accumulating to around 12,000 words altogether) I’ve done well in.

Am I wrong? or am I right? Has anybody ever dropped out of a course like Computer Science and made the leap to a subject which requires more writing? I know a handful of first years drop out of Computer Science or Computing with management to switch to management altogether – which I am told consists of a lot of reading and writing. If you have, let me know in the comments below. Let me know what motivated you to make the switch (not that I would ever consider switching myself, but let’s start a discussion!).

If you also think I’m wrong in concluding that writing essays is miles easier and less stressful than programming then let me know and don’t hold back 😉 Let’s start a debate!

Have a nice day!

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