Side effects of stress

I admittedly suffer badly from stress & anxiety.

My friends always tell me that they always try to stay away from me when they notice I’m angry & under pressure (which tends to happen a lot when deadlines are lurking).
However, It’s not something I like to hear. I laugh and smile about it and tell them not to worry about me or be scared of me for that matter because normally I’m a down to earth, easy going, chilled out kind of guy.
One thing that makes me feel better about the matter though and less like an evil person (mwhahahaha) is the fact that everyone acknowledges it only happens when deadlines & exams are lurking.

Unfortunately, little do people know that I seem to suffer from stress & anxiety related side effects myself.
I was born with flat feet, which meant that as a child I used to endure really, really bad leg pain at night. It used to be so bad that I sometimes used to end up staying up all night until the pain would decide to go away.
Now you’re probably wondering, what on Earth does flat feet have to do with stress? And my answer to that is, I have no idea. However, when stress starts to kick in, I start to re-experience the leg pain which I used to experience as a child.

At first (around my first year at University) I thought that I perhaps just failed to grow out of the pain that I experienced as a child – even though the last time at that point that I had experienced the pain properly was probably around year 3 in primary school. It’s also probably worth mentioning that the pain started to spread to my lower back too as well as my legs.
Doctors came to the conclusion that the pain wasn’t due to flat feet so they decided it would be a good idea for me to have a few scans here and there and specifically an ultrasound scan on my kidneys (kidney stones run in my family – so it was a logical conclusion I guess – ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR NHS ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ). However it turned out that my kidneys were fine, so doctors told me to try and keep a diary and note down what I’m experiencing when the pains occur at random.

Long story short, we managed to come to the conclusion that the pains were most likely (assuring, right? lol) some sort of side effect as a result of stress & anxiety of exams/class tests/assignments. Is this healthy? No, of course not. Can I prevent it? No, not really – unless I drop out of University and lead a different life. How much longer can I withstand the pain? I don’t know. However, what other alternatives do I realistically have?

So guys, how do you all deal with stress? Let me know in the comments below, maybe you’ll help me as well :-)!

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