What the future holds…

Hey guys,

So this blog post is going to cover what my future (and resultingly the future of this blog) will hold.

After I finish exams (will be done by 1st June), I won’t be getting a summer holiday as I will be doing a year in industry and working as a web developer at a local company in Leicester.
I was never actually planning on doing a year in industry but decided to throw my CV into the bush of a local job and it paid off in the end!
If you’re wondering why I suddenly had a change of heart, well there were many reasons as to why I decided a year in industry would benefit me (based on the fact that I was given the offer, of course).

  1. I will learn skills that Universities seem to refuse to teach within this field – for example, so far no modules have focused on teaching the web development field except a first year module which in my opinion was too simplistic for the long run, yet ideal for a first year module. My second year project consists of creating a web application, however the technology we are obliged to use is Java which essentially meant that I had to teach myself everything from scratch in a language that isn’t unfortunately very commonly used in industry.
  2. I will get to experience what it’s really like to work in a real work environment related to the Computer Science field as well as learn from the experience in preparation for when I finish my degree and begin to search for a real job.
  3. I will be able to use the new skills I learn within my 3rd year project.
  4. I will get a bit of a break from constant class tests all the time and coming home after 8 hours of University only to sit on my laptop and carry on doing even more work… and exams 😛
  5. It will give me more time to write more blog posts every month & I’ll be able to keep you updated on how my job/non-student life is going!

But that’s about it for this blog post.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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