It’s over… finally!

I finished exams last Friday… HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It honestly seemed like a month that would genuinely never end and unfortunately as a result of how hectic my schedule has been I was forced into putting revision over writing my magnificent blog posts 😛
But don’t worry, I’ll make sure I make up for last month and write double as many posts this month!

So, exams… some people like them, others hate them.
On a personal level, I’d probably stick myself somewhere in the middle of the exam-hating/exam-loving spectrum.
I dislike it when a course is entirely focused on coursework & I simultaneously dislike it when a course is focused too much on exam performance.
If the world was perfect (based on my view of perfection, of course), I’d probably want 2 coursework only modules and 2 coursework + exam modules each semester. This semester 3 of my 4 modules were all 60% examination which in a weird way almost makes all the hard work & coursework done throughout the semester look very minute on the module outlook as a whole. In fact, we had so much coursework given to us over our 5 week Easter holiday that most of us didn’t actually end up with enough time to revise for the exams properly, which was a big shame since the second semester of the second year counts towards our final degree classification.

But oh well, it’s over and done with now. Hopefully everyone’s exams went okay. I think I’ll write my next post on the exams I had and how I approached preparing for each exam based on how they all differed & hopefully my techniques will help some of you guys.

As always, thanks for reading!

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