Keep calm and carry on… #1

Hey guys!

So… apparently Thursday is A Level results day.
Not gonna lie… I’m still trembling from the A Level results day I had two years ago. Funnily enough, I ended up going in to clearing and the thing is, I had a funny feeling I would because of a certain exam not going too well. So, I was trying to mentally prepare myself the night before and all I was reading through was clearing success stories and people repeatedly going on and on about how it’s not the end of the world if you do end up having to resort to clearing… and the funny thing is that they were all actually right. It isn’t as bad as you initially think it’s going to be, providing you go in prepared.

Also, this is going to be part 1 of this blog. I’ll be trying to get part 2 up tomorrow (Wednesday) in preparation for Thursday.

  1. So, step 1. Be PREPARED. By that I mean make sure you are up awake and early. From what I can remember, the UCAS automated system starts sending out your results at 6am-ish. If you’ve been accepted somewhere, you will be told so in the e-mail you receive. Otherwise you will receive a message telling you you’re in clearing. If you do get the latter, make sure you jump straight on to your computer and look up which Universities that appeal to you have made clearing places available for courses that interest you. Bare in mind most Universities release this data at 12am on Results day. Only some Universities release it earlier. Also make sure you have a parent or a sibling ready to jump out and grab the morning paper as soon as the shops are open as they too contain clearing information (even though everything nowadays is found on the internet – which is arguably the biased Computer Scientist within me speaking).
  2. Step 2, DON’T PANIC. I kid you not, I was pretty calm as I had mentally prepared myself for possibly messing up a subject (I ended up missing out on both my offers by 3 UMS marks… make of that what you will). Whilst my parents on the other hand were frantically chasing me up and down the house, listening to every single word I uttered on the phone. Most people always perform better and say the right things when they’re keeping a cool head.
  3. Step 3, last but not least, have your GCSE certificates ready. Bet you weren’t expecting this one, right? Well, believe it or not, I had a University ask me to send them a picture of my certificates confirming my GCSE results prior to them actually giving me an offer. Seems simple and minimal, but it can end up being the difference between you getting the last clearing spot at a University or someone else snatching it from your paws because they sent a picture of their results a millisecond faster than you.

Anyways, part 2 will hopefully be up tomorrow. Hope this helped & good luck in advance!

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