SATs… GCSEs… do they really matter?

The age old question of whether these ‘earlier’ examinations really do have an influence on the outcome is one I’m still not sure I have an answer to.

I’ll always own up and admit that as things stand right now, with me having finished my second year of University that I safely hold the opinion that my SATs & GCSE’s were almost practically useless towards getting me where I am today. Perhaps if I was doing a degree in a subject which I actually tackled at GCSE, I could perhaps argue that it may have given me the building blocks however I don’t believe that’s the case for me. GCSE IT was nothing like anything I’ve had to do in my past two years at University. A Level Computing was probably when the building blocks were established, but A levels are out of the equation because they – unlike GCSEs – play a huge part in qualifying towards & preparing students for University.

However ironically and hypocritically, my little brother is currently doing his GCSEs and for some reason I actually want or rather – ‘need’ – him to do well. So much for the whole “they don’t really matter” story.

But honestly, what do you guys think? I recently read an article in the Leicester complaining that SAT results this year for year 6 students are at an all time low, having decreased 2% regarding the number of students achieved a level 4 or above. Take a read & let me know what your take on it is.

Should we worry? Or is it just a journalist earning their money?

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