Freshers Flu will soon be upon us my friends…

Freshers Flu is a REAL thing.
Freshers Flu isn’t a myth… as I found out the hard way once upon a time!

But seriously, I’m not sure what the cause of it is. I think the main different external factors contribute since:

  1. Moving cities/countries is something people always get ill as a result of regardless of context (I always seem to get ill when travelling long journeys, even by car).
  2. If you’re a first year (and therefore haven’t experienced freshers flu before) then you’ll most likely be moving to student accommodation which will unite you with a gazillion other students all who have come to live within meters of you from different parts of the world with different potential viruses & germs you’ve probably never ever encountered before in your life!
  3. If being a party animal is your kind of thing, then you’ll probably find yourself extremely sleep deprived throughout freshers which will of course result in a weaker immune system on your behalf.

If you do manage to get through the first few weeks of University without developing some sort of illness (which I of course hope will end up being the case for everyone) then well done!
If not then make sure you get plenty of rest and keep your ‘going outs’ to a minimum – particularly you rebel first years (congrats to you all by the way)!

That’s all from me for this post, let me know whether any of you encounter freshers flu!

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