Welcome to Leicester… Home of the foxes!

So it’s the 24th… and I’d like to think that most returning or new students are probably in Leicester by now.

But yeah, Leicester, a city which once upon a time was known by many around the globe yet slowly diminished as it fell back down the football league – it’s amazing how newer generations (specifically those outside of the UK) recognise towns & cities based on their involvement in football – but has now returned to the promised land in the English Premier League (thanks to some very wealthy Thai owners) and slain Manchester United in true battle of Bosworth fashion! I guess you just have to imagine Nigel Pearson as King Richard 3rd & Louis van Gaal as Henry VI… except Richard won this time, not Henry, who is Louis, so was technically defeated by Richard, who is Nigel… aaaaand this is confusing.

But any ways, on a serious note, Leicester City are awesome for student tickets – or at least were great for them the past two academic years when they were in the Championship and I’d like to think that the same will also apply in the Premier League. If there are any student offers around then you’ll most likely see posters for it  up on the walls inside the Student Union and you should then be able to purchase tickets from that front desk area near the entrance to Queen’s Hall (which normally has a name but I can’t remember it right now) for some great footballing spectacles! It’ll also be a great day out for both you and your friends to attend the matches and have a fun day out.

That’s it from me, I’m sure some offers will crop up in the next week or two as students slowly trickle back to University & the semester begins.

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