Make an Android or iOS application… as a web developer?!

So… want to make an Android application? I guess you’ll have to learn Java then.
Want to also convert that Android application to also work on iDevices? I guess you’ll have to write it from scratch in C then & require a Mac book or a running virtual instance of the Mac OS on your Windows PC then…

But what if I told you, this is no longer a problem?
What if I told you, frameworks now exist which remove this annoying bridge between both technologies & devices, allowing you to write cross-device applications in just one go, in one language?
In fact, let’s sweeten the deal. What if I told you, all you need is Javascript to define the functionality of your application & HTML/CSS knowledge to define the front-end? Think I’m drunk? Nope!

Now, you might be thinking. Well, I might as well just make a web application that runs in a browser as it’ll be the same thing if I use a front-end framework such as Bootstrap to make it responsive… but no. A web application running in the browser of your phone, won’t have access to certain functionalities of your phone such as your phones camera or retrieving battery status data! Hence why a native application opens so many doors… and yes, again, you can build a native app using just Javascript. Amazing, right? (I personally like Javascript, even though it’s a huge pain in the backside to debug. It’s almost like a more volatile, less strict, fun yet less powerful version of Java [even though it’s actually nothing how I just described it :P])

Examples of these frameworks include:

  • Phonegap –
  • Appcelerator –
  • Nativescript –

I want to start working on a small side project just to get familiar with these frameworks (and finally fulfill one of my all time aims of actually making an iOS & Android application :P), but I need a simple idea for an app to start work on!
Got an idea? Let me know below… and if we make money… then you can have a cut of the spoils 😉


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