Two months to go…

Hey guys,

How you all doin’?
It seems like yesterday I wrote my blog post about starting my internship and here we are at the end of April 2015 where I only have May & June left!

Funnily enough, It’s also a great time for me to discuss why I think I’ve benefitted a ton from doing a year in industry. This post will mainly go out to everyone who is currently applying to University and considering whether or not to sign up to the year in industry variant of their course (providing your course has one of course). However, you could be a 1st or 2nd year who despite not being on the year in industry variant of your course considering whether or not to take a small turn and add an extra year to your degree… and I’m going to try to convince you both with some reasons:

  1. You will stand out when applying for graduate jobs: It’s a big gamble for employers to hire someone without experience, regardless of how well they may have done at University. After all, working in a real life workplace requires many more skills than those acquired or proven by owning a degree and by completing a year in industry, it proves you have those qualities (somewhat) and most importantly have experience.
  2. You will give yourself a taste of what a real workplace environment is like and if you are one of those students toying with the idea of perhaps going on to an MSc or PhD then it’ll probably help you make your decision.
  3. You will earn a little bit of money… alongside the absolute fortune you’re spending on University 😉
  4. You’ll learn a lot more skills, potentially relevant to the 3rd year of your degree. For example, at University the Computer Science department teaches students Java mainly. At work I’ve worked mainly in PHP and even though you can argue all programming languages are the same, you still pick up a large range of skills.

Anyways guys, that’s it for now.
If you have any questions about years in industry, don’t hesitate to ask below!

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