Are UK universities going to lose students to the EU?

Hey guys.

I stumbled across this article yesterday which left me intrigued:

Apparently, British students can now apply to European Universities through UCAS – not forgetting that European Universities will most likely also be charging less than £9,000 per year.
As far as I know, the option to apply to European Universities for British students was always open and available. However to most people the idea probably never occurred to them – it certainly never occurred to me… but then again, a lot of students can barely be bothered filling in their UCAS application, let alone manually apply to many different individual universities through older traditional methods. But if it means they achieve a degree without walking out with thousands of pounds of debt, we might see a lot of British students genuinely start considering this as a practical choice.
If it was up to me, before meddling in Europe, research would be required and an important factor would probably come be the strength of the University. Truth be told however, we often forget that even though in the United Kingdom we are fortunate enough to have some of the worlds best Universities (including Leicester within the top 200 [199th to be exact :P]), that Europe also has some of the worlds best education institutions too. Check out this list of Europe’s finest!
BUT then again… it leads us to the issue of whether league tables are to be taken seriously but we’ll leave that discussion for another day.

So, would you consider leaving your family in Britain behind to study in a European country? What factors are the main factors for you, coming in to a decision like this?

Family? Quality of teaching? Food? Debt?

Let me know in the comments below.

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