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Last year, I wrote an article about the most common places for students to live in Leicester and a mini-summary of them all. As we almost reach the end of my 3rd year in Leicester, I thought I’d do the same except this time round about my top 3 affordable (as we are students, of course) non-major chain (i.e. no McDonalds, Nandos, etc) places to eat! And before you ask… no, nobody has paid me to advertise their restaurants!

1) Oodles –
– Indo-Chinese
– Ever since one of their first stores opened up on Evington Road, despite perhaps being pricey for some, I still reckon you get great value for money given the size of their ‘Large’ container at £6.50. The concept is simple, you choose the size of the box you want to order, you then choose up to two bases mainly consisting of either rice or noodles and then you choose up to two main dishes which can vary from malaysian chicken all the way to salt and pepper chicken & more!
– The food tastes great, you’re guaranteed a massive variety and despite being a big eater, I’ve found that Oodles is great as a student since most of the time after devouring a large container, I’m then full for the rest of the day.
– My favourite custom container is Vegetable noodles with Sweet & Sour chicken & Salt & Pepper chicken. Let me know what interesting combinations you end up coming up with!

2)  ADMA Shawarma –
– Lebanese
– If you’ve ever had Lebanese food before, chances are you probably loved it (or at least I’d hope so). Shawarma – also for some reason referred to a lot of people as kebab – is extremely popular, at only £3 a sandwich with both chicken & lamb available. Most people I know normally need two sandwiches to fill them up and I can vouch that rule also applies to me. As a student, you don’t really have much time to cook or eat so I personally don’t eat more than one real meal per day and two sandwiches normally suffice for my daily meal.
– If you’re not a big meat eater, there are still lots of other available options such as falafel sandwiches, tabbouleh salad or hommous & baba ghannouj. So again, if you’ve tried this kind of food before, I recommend you definitely utilise it some time to satisfy your appetite!

3) Buffet Hut – Gallowtree Gate (the bit just before clock tower after Granby Street)
– A bit of everything
– Buffet Hut is a weird one. It’s essentially £5 for all you can eat. The type of food varies from Chinese to Indian to Italian to probably just about anything you can think of. To many, the place would probably look a bit cheap, run down and greasy to be honest. BUT can you really turn down all you can eat for relatively acceptable tasting food for just £5 as a student? That’s for you to decide, I guess. Both myself and my mates think the food just about hits the spot and it is yet to kill us.

But that’s it from me for this post.
To put a long story short, if you’re thinking of coming to Leicester… you won’t be running out of places to eat any time soon!

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