Hungry in Leicester…

Last year, I wrote an article about the most common places for students to live in Leicester and a mini-summary of them all. As we almost reach the end of my 3rd year in Leicester, I thought I’d do the same except this time round about my top 3 affordable (as we are students, of […]

Women in FIFA?

Putting aside the current madness revolving around FIFA, Blatter & corruption, let’s talk about the video game for a bit. Earlier on this week, EA Sports revealed that international women’s teams will feature in the next iteration of the world’s most popular football simulation game FIFA 16. This caused a bit of a social media […]

What if I told you… you are allowed internet access during your exam?

As the title asks… what would you say? Well, believe it or not this may very well become a reality, at least according to OCR exam board chief Mark Dawe based on his comments on a BBC Radio 4 programme – He argued that when students are taught in the classroom, students automatically resort to […]

Are UK universities going to lose students to the EU?

Hey guys. I stumbled across this article yesterday which left me intrigued: Apparently, British students can now apply to European Universities through UCAS – not forgetting that European Universities will most likely also be charging less than £9,000 per year. As far as I know, the option to apply to European Universities for British […]

Planes can’t land… planes can’t take off…

So I don’t know if anyone has read the news today, but apparently American Air planes couldn’t take off nor land at one point due to an app that pilots apparently use not functioning correctly. Mind baffling. Apparently the app is called FlightDeck and made by a company called Jeppesen, a child company of Boeing. A […]

Two months to go…

Hey guys, How you all doin’? It seems like yesterday I wrote my blog post about starting my internship and here we are at the end of April 2015 where I only have May & June left! Funnily enough, It’s also a great time for me to discuss why I think I’ve benefitted a ton […]

Make an Android or iOS application… as a web developer?!

So… want to make an Android application? I guess you’ll have to learn Java then. Want to also convert that Android application to also work on iDevices? I guess you’ll have to write it from scratch in C then & require a Mac book or a running virtual instance of the Mac OS on your […]

eSports… a dream or the real deal?

So… eSports. Competition for large sums of money, by playing an ‘electronic sport’. Is this a real job? Can competitive gaming seriously be considered a proper sport? Millions of dollars up for grabs on a regular basis, broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of spectators both through mediums such as Twitch.TV & TV as well as […]

Generic Top Level Domains… but not as you know them.

So according to the news, Google have purchased the “.app” gLTD for over $25M (roughly around £16M). If you don’t know what a gLTD is, it’s similar to a “.com” or “” suffix on web domains. So now, technically nobody can own a “.app” domain without technically being sold one or rather being given permission […]

Nothing like inspecting a good element…

Hey, you. Yes, you. Is your hand on a mouse? Yes? Good. No? Put your hand on your mouse then. Now, right click within your browser and click inspect element… and there we have it ladies & gents, the tool which has made my life – and internship in particular – a gazillion times easier. […]

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