Hungry in Leicester…

Last year, I wrote an article about the most common places for students to live in Leicester and a mini-summary of them all. As we almost reach the end of my 3rd year in Leicester, I thought I’d do the same except this time round about my top 3 affordable (as we are students, of […]

Welcome to Leicester… Home of the foxes!

So it’s the 24th… and I’d like to think that most returning or new students are probably in Leicester by now. But yeah, Leicester, a city which once upon a time was known by many around the globe yet slowly diminished as it fell back down the football league – it’s amazing how newer generations […]

Richard the 3rd

So, like many other students in Leicester, I’ve had to research who Richard the 3rd is in detail to get a hang of all the hype… So below are 5 interesting facts I found out about our good friend Rich which I’d like to share with you… FACT #1 –  Richard the 3rd was the […]

Wind, wind and more wind

As most of you may have probably realised… THERE’S A LOT OF WIND OUTSID             E! So much so it even blew the E away 🙁 However on a serious note, the weather forecast doesn’t look good – particularly up North – so if you’ve got family up North like […]

Wondering where to live?

Hey guys, Now with exams over, it’s that time of year again to sort your accommodation out for next year! If you’ve not left it late (admittedly like I have done, tehehe) then well done and read no further. However if we’re on the same page… read on. We’re students and we’re broke… riiiight? If […]

Letting off some steam… or paint?

Letting off some steam… or paint?

A lot of my blog posts seem to be made up of me complaining about the workload the beloved Computer Science department throw at me. So I’m going to prove to you all that the end of semester does indeed get slightly better! As you can see from the image above, we all turned into […]

Work, work, work, football and more work.

Work, work, work, football and more work.

As the title says – “Work, work, work, football and more work” – a thorough explanation of my weekly routine at University. The reason I mention football isn’t just to do with myself playing football, but also to do with the fact that England qualified for the World Cup yesterday (wooooo!). So, did you watch […]

Back to the promised land… again

Back to the promised land… again

A 10 am start yesterday, a 3 hour ride in a car, a dirty washing machine, a filthy kitchen, a mysterious lack of curtains in my bedroom… it was then I knew I was back to good ol’ student life. I had originally planned to come back on Saturday, but the plan had to suddenly […]

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