Side effects of stress

I admittedly suffer badly from stress & anxiety. My friends always tell me that they always try to stay away from me when they notice I’m angry & under pressure (which tends to happen a lot when deadlines are lurking). However, It’s not something I like to hear. I laugh and smile about it and […]

Another blog post about revision… with a twist

Hello! Hopefully everyone is enjoying their holidays so far as we approach 2014. It honestly seems like it turned 2013 a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how fast time flies by. So, revision eh? The word we all hate. The action we all hate. Fortunately though, as a University student you eventually become immune to […]


After reading the blog title, you’re probably wondering “finally what?”. So, I’m going to complete the title. Finally… *drum roll please*… my workload has slightly decreased (after two consecutive class tests), giving me time to write this blog post. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to speak about in this post if I’m fully […]

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