Are UK universities going to lose students to the EU?

Hey guys. I stumbled across this article yesterday which left me intrigued: Apparently, British students can now apply to European Universities through UCAS – not forgetting that European Universities will most likely also be charging less than £9,000 per year. As far as I know, the option to apply to European Universities for British […]

To Mac or not to Mac… that is the question.

I have always been an avid hater of Macbooks for as long as I can remember. I have always seen them as ridiculously overpriced for the hardware the consumer receives. For example, the 13″ entry non-retina Macbook Pro has: An Intel i5 dual core processor @ 2.5Ghz. 4GB RAM. 500GB HD. Intel HD4000 GPU. Some […]

Wondering where to live?

Hey guys, Now with exams over, it’s that time of year again to sort your accommodation out for next year! If you’ve not left it late (admittedly like I have done, tehehe) then well done and read no further. However if we’re on the same page… read on. We’re students and we’re broke… riiiight? If […]

Work, work, work, football and more work.

Work, work, work, football and more work.

As the title says – “Work, work, work, football and more work” – a thorough explanation of my weekly routine at University. The reason I mention football isn’t just to do with myself playing football, but also to do with the fact that England qualified for the World Cup yesterday (wooooo!). So, did you watch […]

My key list…

My key list…

As you may have guessed, the shopping list I’m on about is my key list for University. Fortunately, I still have another week until I move back to jolly old Leicester so I guess I still have some time to prepare myself. So… here goes nothing! Below I will list a few of the items […]

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