Women in FIFA?

Putting aside the current madness revolving around FIFA, Blatter & corruption, let’s talk about the video game for a bit. Earlier on this week, EA Sports revealed that international women’s teams will feature in the next iteration of the world’s most popular football simulation game FIFA 16. This caused a bit of a social media […]

eSports… a dream or the real deal?

So… eSports. Competition for large sums of money, by playing an ‘electronic sport’. Is this a real job? Can competitive gaming seriously be considered a proper sport? Millions of dollars up for grabs on a regular basis, broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of spectators both through mediums such as Twitch.TV & TV as well as […]

Welcome to Leicester… Home of the foxes!

So it’s the 24th… and I’d like to think that most returning or new students are probably in Leicester by now. But yeah, Leicester, a city which once upon a time was known by many around the globe yet slowly diminished as it fell back down the football league – it’s amazing how newer generations […]

Eating, Sleeping & Drinking Football…

Olé, olé, olé! The World Cup is finally upon us and even if it isn’t a big deal for you… it is for me! Who do you support? Who do you think will win? Which teams have impressed you so far? What teams have surprised you so far? Personally, as always, I’m supporting England. I […]

Letting off some steam… or paint?

Letting off some steam… or paint?

A lot of my blog posts seem to be made up of me complaining about the workload the beloved Computer Science department throw at me. So I’m going to prove to you all that the end of semester does indeed get slightly better! As you can see from the image above, we all turned into […]

Work, work, work, football and more work.

Work, work, work, football and more work.

As the title says – “Work, work, work, football and more work” – a thorough explanation of my weekly routine at University. The reason I mention football isn’t just to do with myself playing football, but also to do with the fact that England qualified for the World Cup yesterday (wooooo!). So, did you watch […]

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in

Hello everybody, As most of you will know, results day was two days ago. I hope that all you non-uni students out there all got the results you wanted. I also hope that my previous blog post talking about preparation for results day helped some of you out there, however I now wish to turn […]

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