4 responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Adam

    Hi Stacy,

    Considering you work full-time, how do you find being able to combine a full-time job and distance learning? Do you struggle for time, or can it be handled with decent time management skills?

    Though I enjoy my work at the moment (train driver) I find the idea of studying and learning a new craft intriguing, so I’d appreciate to hear your thoughts.


  2. james ramsay

    Reading this has given me extra hope for going back to learn new things. but like alot of. people paying for the travel can be a deal breaker, especialy when also have other bills and whatnot. But distance learning could be a good option. J

  3. enouf jean francois michael

    hello,my name is michael,i am from mauritius,a beautiful paradisiac island in the indian ocean.it is a pleasure to know you and read your comments.i am presently a senior health inspector with 20 years of experience and holder of a diploma in sanitary science in mauritius and is willing to follow a distant learning professional and postgraduate course to enrich myself,earn academic skill and to be on top.my fear and doubt are;will this investment in terms of money,personal involvement,time be a good investment.please could you help and advise.thank you.

  4. Bert

    Hi Stacy, I have considered (several times really) about going back to University to get another qualification. I’ve considered part-time and distance learning, but I worry about having a lack of motivation to do the studying if. Just wondering what has your experience been in that area?

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