3 responses to “Distance learning: questions, comments and advice for prospective students”

  1. Wassila Howes

    Hi Stacy,

    Thanks a lot for adding me on your facebook link, I do appreciate being connected and networking with like minded people with similar interests:)

    All the best with your studies too, it helps to have a solid learning course to focus on, building on a more constructive route and a wider work perspective for the future.

    Likewise, please feel free to join my link or drop a comment if you wish too.

    Hope to keep in touch.

    Best regards,


  2. Wassila Howes

    Thanks for the link and info. Really this is very useful:)

    Being a DL student myself with the University of Leicester (Feb,2011), I find connecting with like minded people, professionals and other fellow students to be enriching and inspiring. These interactions are very helpful as a guide to current trends, latest development and what are the main relevant issues and concerns of the times which I need to be aware of and address, when tackling my own search, studies and assignments.

    I have been using my above facebook link at the moment to keep track of topics and studies of interests (and they are many which I enjoy, some quite beyond the scope of my studies!), as well as opening doors to connect and link with the world at large.

    Will definitely be visiting your blog and will actually keep a link on my facebook too.

    With my best wishes:)

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