To Spend or Not to Spend!

Debit Card… Accepted. Student loan FTW! Not so fast…

I’m back at Uni this week and the pressure is on, not spending my student loan is only one thing to worry about so I’m not even considering using my debit card yet, unless I need milk. All the Criminologists have our Sociology of Deviance portfolio to hand in tomorrow and an optional (not really) lecture about our modules for next year, though I’m confused over which one this is because we also have an optional seminar on Wednesday!

I’ve decided to treat myself to a little project by building my own PC, which I have been really excited about, I thought it could be like a hobbie to take my mind off essays and exam stress. Until I found out through my research (research skills come in useful for more than studying!) that I can get the same specs pre build for me off another site for even cheaper.

Looking at all this technology has sparked (no pun intended) my interest in engineering again that I had when I was completing my BTEC National  Diploma at the (not so innocent) age of 17. I know, completely unrelated to Criminology, but I decided I wanted to study how people, rather than  machines, work. Maybe PC building could be my new hobbie. On the point of learning I also found a really interesting app whilst browsing on my iPod called ‘iTunes U’ which is full of Open University courses to download for free! There is even one about Sustainable Communities which should come in useful when I have to complete the ‘interview style’ presentation for my award. I’m volunteering a few hours this week at the new bike sheds to complete my 30 hours of volunteering and I’m buying myself a new bike! I think I’m a bit old for a mountain bike so I’m forking out £150 on a road bike and although my parents hate me spending my money, I have justified the cost because it is reduced from £340 and it comes with a free computer 😀 I’m sure it’s a bit smaller than the PC I plan on building (or buying!). On top of this price however are the Beach Break Live tickets which I am very tempted to buy, even if I haven’t been hanging around with LUSSC this year because of my broken ankle last semester, a festival would be a great way to end the year! If I do spend all this cash then it will feel like Christmas! Until I reach the summer and have no cash left 🙁 I suggest budgeting your money. I know I need a bike so I will spend that, the PC and tickets can wait.

So one deadline tomorrow, Criminology deadlines next week and one exam in two weeks. Compared to BSC students we have it easy! So long as you prepared to be organized. After the stress is over, THEN I can spend and party. If only my parents believed I could be this sensible…

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