Police Meeting

The inside of the Police Station was intriguing and I’m sure I’ll be back with them soon. Police Officers out of uniform smile at me but I’m too distracted by the Chief Investigators Office (for some reason I imagined Sherlock Holmes and strange objects) and not sure if I should smile back. I couldn’t help thinking about the role of a CID Officer while I was being taken to meet the other volunteers for the Community Support Initiative and hoping this volunteering would give me the right people skills required.

Starting very soon I hope (though after exams!) I will be working with two other volunteers and Police staff to visit people around the community and come up with project ideas to help with the community needs. The area we’re going to cover will be the City Center, Clarendon Park, the Royal Infirmary and De Montfort University. I was also asked today if you need to volunteer with the Police to do Criminology… Of course you don’t! My exact response. I get surprised when students and parents ask about specific volunteering requirements for a Criminology Degree, because it is so multidisciplinary using different social sciences that you could do any kind of volunteering really, as long as it’s with people, preferably victims or offenders. I probably shouldn’t be that surprised because the Vice-Chancellor role eluded me previously, which shows how much student life can change you…. I digress. The purpose of the meeting was to ‘meet and greet’ the people involved in the initiative, exchange contact details and further interests. We also discussed the possibility of starting our own community projects which I could organise as Projects and Development Officer next year for Contact Volunteering. Find us at the Freshers Fair 😉

I wonder about our uniform and if we could go undercover like CID. I doubt it will be like CID but the person who introduced me was not a uniformed officer. It’s important to have a good time in your first year at University as I’m sure everybody will ensure you do, but at least keep in mind what you plan on doing with a Criminology Degree. I had no intentions of joining the Police when I started studying here but I did know that I like working with people, and now I know that I’m good at it. There is no need to have a set career path unless your studying a professional Degree like Medicine or Law, simply keep an open mind and think about what you will enjoy doing with your life.

This week I have an Audit report to write for the Sustainability Award, which I volunteered to be Project Manager for when two 4000 word essays are also wanting to steal my focus. Time to prioritize! Which trust me is a key word to remember 😉

I wish you luck with your writing and revision and although we can’t predict the weather, remember that for every dark night in the library there’s a sunnier day at the Park 😀

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