Thinking Back: How Times Change

‘Sittin’ back, staring through the haze of that road…’ I was sitting back lately listening to Maverick Sabre, thinking back to before I was a student and recent times partying with students at Beach Break Live, singing along to Maverick Sabre! Times have changed but it’s all for the good. I’m going to keep this short as I have have a tendency to ramble on and I’m still recovering from my Hospital Op last week; live life and remember where you came from, only then can you see how far you’ve come.

It can be quite daunting starting university, moving to a new city and meeting new people. Everybody is in the same boat, so Float On together. My friend has made a series of videos about all of us as we ‘float on’ so it has meaning to me, but I don’t think they’d appreciate me showing their antics to the world… The point is to take it easy. During Freshers Week 2010 (so long ago!) we all went to the Freshers Fair held in the Percy Gee, I got lost and tired of the crowds so decided to get a pint and check out the Scholar (student bar). I sat on the first table I saw, met Will and Freddie and I’ve been friends with them ever since. In fact I’m living with Will during my final year. Though it might not be this simple if you feel uncomfortable approaching people, it helps to remember that nobody is! The best thing about freshers week is that there are no expectations, it’s the best time in your life to meet literally hundreds of new people.

Now I’ll leave some of that for another post closer to the time. It’s hard to think back that far, not only looking at my grades and realising I’ve gone from a low 2:2 to a high 2:1, but also how friends have changed. I’ve settled in back home now (a hard enough task with my entire life packed into a car) and went to see my friends last Saturday. While everything is constantly  flowing and changing at Uni, nothing here has changed at all! It can make a student a little home sick…

To reminisce is another form of procrastination many students may fall into and I’m going to indulge in this during the summer by posting about my time as a Fresher. As strange as that is being 23 now… Time is subjective, as a favoured English teacher once told us, we invented it therefore we control it. So with a reading list that I’m quickly avoiding, I’ll post next time about my own reading during the summer of 2010.

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