The dreaded R!

The dreaded R, also known as revision. For many the new year is an exciting time to review 2012 and make new starts in 2013. However, for some, January is a time of dread as exams are creeping ever closer! Oh yes, we all know the feeling, having eaten and drank far too much over the Christmas period it is time to get down to business and start revising for exams. Fortunately for me, I have no exams this year at all and so for the first time in six years I have actually been able to relax over the Christmas break and not get paranoid about not doing enough work. To all of you who have exams, I really hope your revision is not too stressful but here are a few tips to maybe make your revision a bit more effective:

  1. Break it down: Focussing on one module at a time is much easier than trying to switch between modules, so if you have enough time try and look at one module per day. This way the information won’t get as muddled with another topic you’re studying.
  2. Take time out: We all think that revising 24/7 is what we have to do to get a good grade but it is always important to relax after a good revision day. So remember to do something you enjoy like going to the gym, having a few drinks in the pub (by a few, I do mean a few drinks. Knowing students luck, if you attempt to drink the bar dry you will end up with one of those rare two day hangovers, which is not great to revise with). It’s important to let your body and brain relax a little and reward yourself, even if the reward is just a Starbucks or something small, it can help lower the stress levels slightly.
  3. Set a target: Everyone says that in order to revise efficiently, a plan is the best way of making sure you tackle those horrible topics that everyone dreads revising. So make a small plan, even if it consists of literally what time you are aiming to start and finish your revision each day.
  4. Don’t get frustrated: If you are sat in the library and you are reading your text book or notes and have no idea what you have written, it is very easy to simply move to a topic and try to forget about it. However, you know at some point you will have to revise that topic and starting a new topic of revision is always the worst! If you have tried to make sense of it and you are now sat in the library wanting to cry, go for a walk and clear you head. It could be that you have revised too much and you need a bit of a rest, so go back to it in 20 minutes and see if a fresh head helps.
  5. A great time to socialise: If the above doesn’t work, a good way to revise is with other people because I guarantee you are not the only one who doesn’t understand half of the stuff in the module you’ve been looking at for the last day. Working with other people can help everyone; you can swap information and bounce off each other for discussions on certain topics. It’s also a great way to become more acquainted to others on your course!

So there you go folks, just a few pointers from someone who has had six years of Christmas revision to get through! I hope all of your exams go well and remember that refreshers is straight after the exam period, which means party party party!

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One response to “The dreaded R!”

  1. Amy-Rose

    Thank you for this post Hannah, it’s actually been such a help! As a first year, facing my first ever exams at University, I’ve been incredibly nervous – it’s good to hear from someone who clearly knows how stressed out exams can make students.

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