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Earlier today I was sat in the library, typically not paying any attention to the work I had to do and realised that in the three years I have been at University, I have come to recognise different types of people who also attend the library. Some people are a pleasure to sit next too, whilst others are just a nuisance (hopefully I am not one of them!), but I decided to list all the types of people who you are likely to come into contact with:

  1. The Dedicated Student: This person is a hard worker and committed to their academic studies. They have a time frame and a clear plan of what they want to achieve by the end of the session. They make good progress with any work and are firmly “in the zone”,
  2. The Chatter: This person is usually sat with the intention of getting some good work done, however, just as they begin it seems everyone they know appears and they end up having a good chat in the silent zone. Unfortunately, when one acquaintance leaves another comes along and eventually they leave their work for a coffee instead (mostly because of all the annoyed glares they are receiving from other students who are working).
  3. The “never goes home” guy/girl: Practically lives in the library; eats, sleeps and knows the staff well. You will always see this person in the library when you go in and they tend to have a favourite spot to sit in (like Sheldon off The Big Bang Theory).
  4. The No-goer: You won’t see this person in the library because they never go and will do everything and anything to avoid it.
  5. The Shuffler: The person who has spread all their work next to you and does not stop rustling papers, clicking on their laptop and their phone is constantly vibrating. They cannot be sat in one spot for too long.
  6. The Try Hard: This person has made all the effort to come to the library, with their books and laptop at the ready, yet they spend 80% of their time on facebook/twitter/generally surfing the net, whilst only 20% is actually spent doing work.
  7. The Searcher: The searcher goes to the library mostly for the entertainment of Leicester’s book shelves on rails. They will take out more books than they can carry, purely so they can play with the moving aisles. Out of the books they take out they will only read around two out of ten. WARNING: The Searcher may also get a bit overexcited and crush another person in another aisle!

Found yourself yet? I have to say I think most people are a bit of everything but if anyone has anymore to add to the list please let me know!

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