Keeping warm this winter!

So most of us know that living in student housing is not the most fun, especially during the colder months when we all feel like we may as well be living outside and we may even be warmer in doing so. To the first years, you have all this to come, as at the moment […]

Old friends and future careers

Old friends and future careers

So we have all heard of the Ritz and the Savoy but I bet there are very few of you who have heard of the White Rabbit Teahouse in Nottingham. Well, I went to visit a friend from my hometown who goes to Nottingham University and over the years she has taken me around Nottingham […]

The beginning of Christmas and something to get you thinking

Hey everyone, I hope all of you are not too tied down with essays at the moment. This is my first blog of many and I’m really excited, so welcome to all of you out there who read this and any posts in the future. This week has been a very busy week for me; […]

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