The end of an era!

I have often wondered what I would be doing when I finish Uni, would I get a job? Volunteer? Do a masters? Well, I decided a while ago that I would go travelling, so I’m going to Canada, America and Australia and will not be back in England for a whole year. If I’m honest […]


So, we have ten days until the end of this term and I am wondering where on earth the time has gone! Not only have people got a mountain of essays, portfolios and reports to hand in, there are so many events happening around Uni that really cannot be missed. For instance, I went to […]

Forensics is exactly like CSI?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. One of the most watched programmes on TV, which was not only adored by American viewers but also viewers worldwide. Unfortunately, I have only recently been introduced to CSI and I have to agree the few I have watched have been pretty good and I can understand why so many are […]

And you are…?

Earlier today I was sat in the library, typically not paying any attention to the work I had to do and realised that in the three years I have been at University, I have come to recognise different types of people who also attend the library. Some people are a pleasure to sit next too, […]

One big piece of research!

Hello readers! So last week I had the mammoth task of sending out my survey for my dissertation. You would think this would be the easy part of a dissertation, however, I realised after attempting to write up my survey online that I had to pay (hurdle one). Also, I am awful with any technology; […]

The Death Penalty

I have recently been watching “Inside Death Row with Trevor McDonald” on ITV and have found the episodes very interesting. The two episodes consist of Trevor McDonald touring a state prison and seeing what it’s like to be a prisoner in a high security prison in Indiana. Some of the prisoners he comes into contact […]

Criminology Dissertations!

So recently I have been trying to work on my dissertation, which I have found much more difficult than I thought I would. In criminology, every student puts forward a research project they would like to do and it can be anything they want. Of course it has to be a realistic topic to research […]

So many options!

When I first started looking into criminology as a degree I was constantly asked what I could do afterwards. I looked into a lot of different types of criminology degree, at different universities, and realised all these people actually had a point. What could a criminology degree give me in the long run? What jobs […]

The dreaded R!

The dreaded R, also known as revision. For many the new year is an exciting time to review 2012 and make new starts in 2013. However, for some, January is a time of dread as exams are creeping ever closer! Oh yes, we all know the feeling, having eaten and drank far too much over […]

What a year!

2012 has been a huge year. For many it would have been all about finishing A levels and moving on to University, for others it will be all about finishing uni and what to do afterwards. However, 2012 in general has had a lot of excitement right the way through the year, which I would […]

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