Wet Summery Times

I’m about the take a ride in the rain to a climbing centre I found in Audley, a small village about 9 miles from Crewe (my home town). This should get me back into shape to make the most of rock climbing when I get back to University in October. Having a hobby is a great […]

Fiction to Fact: Academic Reading and Writing

It’s been so long since I had time for reading fiction that I forgot how much I enjoy it. Yesterday I finished the first Inspector Rebus novel Knots and Crosses (1987) by Ian Rankin. He is a genius, giving away just enough clues for your own imagination to take over and form your own conclusions. I […]

Thinking Back: How Times Change

‘Sittin’ back, staring through the haze of that road…’ I was sitting back lately listening to Maverick Sabre, thinking back to before I was a student and recent times partying with students at Beach Break Live, singing along to Maverick Sabre! Times have changed but it’s all for the good. I’m going to keep this short […]

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