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Of late the news has been filled with news of the Eurozone debt crisis and protests in Athens are now a permanent fixture. It all seems complicated with a lot of technical jargon been thrown around and everyone seems to be coming out with a different theory to support their views. Well fear not this is where studying Economics becomes really handy. After the first year you would have already acquired a considerable amount of Economic theory to put the current events into perspective with a clear understanding of what is going on. You will soon find out that it’s not only about long hours in the library to do well in Economics but that 50p copy of the Financial Times from the SU shop will go a long way to compliment your studies. Current affairs have a bearing on your ability to analyse Economics and it is as simple as turning on the news or picking up a newspaper.
I am at the beginning of my second year and the prospects are promising, the work has more depth and what with the current crisis, it is more fascinating. This is a great time to be studying Economics.

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