Hockey fresher’s first outing

Having made the decision to play a different sport this year, I settled for hockey. I am not particularly blessed with any respectable amount of sporting talent so it was kind of daunting. I joined Mixed Hockey and I have enjoyed it up to now, well apart from the bruised shins and scrapped knees! It felt alien at first turning up to the pitch with other freshers. Apparently being second year doesn’t count I am still a hockey fresher because I joined this year. I have to admit I was nervous at first, but the guys just made it easy to fit in and become part of the club. All the newcomers got adopted into families by second and third year students, so before I knew it I had  grandparents and cousins.

It has been an exciting time and I could hardly wait for my first outing. It was this last week at Warwick, it was epic. We dressed up in fancy dress, ‘tight and bright’ for the day and by a cruel twist of fate I ended up dressed as Tinkerbell.  A ‘game’ of hockey was played, but it pretty much descended into a mass of brightly dressed university students waving sticks around. It was a great experience  going out there just to have fun and kid around, a great way of  taking the mind off  all the  coursework piling up on my desk.

The highlight of the day was the boat race at the end of the day against Warwick. It was a straight shootout to see who could down their pints first and proud to say Leicester won it by a mile. After the cheering and chanting we had a lovely meal to end the day.

When this year started, I never thought I would be playing hockey and let alone be so engrossed by it. It has been a marvellous time and now I wish I had joined Mixed Hockey sooner.

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