Phew! it’s end of term

The end of term is here and boy it has been a long time coming.  I look forward to the holiday more than I do the packing that precedes it.

The last two weeks have been spent in a caffeine induced daze, courtesy of the bane of all students, essays. Our department introduced coursework on every module making up 20% of my course. I am not a fan of coursework but for some it has been a welcome change. It is no surprise then that all the coursework involves some form of essay.

Three of my modules were just straight forward essays. It all looked simple at start, a question and a word count to stick too, how hard can it be? Well, the start is the hard bit, many minutes are spent staring at a single sentence on a blank screen. Couple that with a tendency to procrastinate then any essay becomes a mammoth task, let alone trying to do three at once. It is always a safe bet that almost all essays are done a few days before deadline, including mine.

My Money and Banking professor went a step further; group work over three weeks with an essay and a presentation each week.  Trying to organise myself is hard enough, trying to get six students to get organised is asking a bit too much. We took the easiest option and divided the work making it easy to deal with. The easy way out is always the student way out.

I don’t buy into the notion that uni learning is always about essays, that is far from the truth. Essays are not hard in themselves but it is just that trying to be organised enough to actually do them way before deadline, is beyond most students. They are just as unpopular as exams and both are here to stay whether we like them or not.

So until next semester I’m glad I don’t have to think of essays and lectures.

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