Once again exams are coming!

I always wondered why we have exams in January, immediately after the festivities. A few days into the New Year and the thought of exams has just erased whatever jolly mood I had left from all the Christmas indulgence. One moment I was having loads of fun, and then the next moment I have to start revision.

In my first year exams weren’t really on my radar until a couple of weeks before. That was not a great strategy and my results reflected that sad fact. I have found out one thing, you always pay for any missed lectures in the end. I must know, I missed a fair few  this last semester and no amount of pro plus or red bull will make up for that. I have already resolved not to miss any next semester but that won’t last for too long.

I miss A levels at least you know if you do horribly in your January exams there was always some respite in resits. There are resits at uni but they have a twist to them, if you swing and miss in January or in the summer you can resit but your mark is capped at 40%. You can reseat and ace the exam but you only get 40%. I don’t think it is fair but I guess by now we must be able to pass an exam first time around without needing an insurance policy.  The economics exams pretty much follow the same formula as the ones you will also be sitting in January. There is a multiple choice and a short answer question for macro and micro modules and the rest of the modules are just math based questions. The multiple choice involves some negative marking, meaning you lose some marks for wrong answers, just enough to make guessing tricky.

David Wilson Library

Long hours will be spent here trying to revise.

The pressure is more now that all the exams I sit from now on count towards my final grade. The work is a bit hard when it comes to second year and the knowledge that all my future prospects are hanging on my performance here on in, does not help. Over the next couple of weeks the library will be my home, a nice comfy home.


I wish you all the best of luck in your exams.


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