Reluctant early bird

I have just finished my first week of a full timetable and I am just as bleary eyed as if its exam time.   A timetable with a nine o’clock start every day is just not pleasant.  It’s ironic how as I get closer to the part of my life where I am actually expected to function nine to five, I just have no will to get up for a nine o’clock class.

I have pretty much been doing early mornings for the 13 years of my schooling life but why is it so hard now, I can hardly fathom. Ask any uni student and the sentiment is the same, no one likes to wake up early for any lecture, even worse for a tutorial in which you might have to participate.

It is not that all uni students are lazy duvet huggers who wake up at noon. I think it is all to do with structure and routine. All through my school years it was the same routine, an angry mom giving me last warning to get out of bed, a desperate dash to catch the bus, the desire to avoid being the last person to walk into assembly and the constant threat of detention.

Coming to uni changed all that, there is no one to pull the duvet away in the morning. You get more freedom to determine your own routine and if you have a friendly timetable you might never need to have an early start. There is also the occasional night out that makes early mornings everyone’s enemy. As I write this, all my housemates have gone out without me, only because I have tutorials first thing in the morning. I guess it makes me appreciate my weekends more.

Now that the weather has decided to be moody I am even more reluctant to wake up in the morning.

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