When I started volunteering I had no idea what I really wanted to do but now I find myself working with LEBC more often. LEBC is an educational charity that aims to give children an insight into business and the working life through various workshops.

My most recent workshop was a forensic science workshop working with primary school children. The main aim was to give the children an insight into the working life of a forensic scientist. I have to admit that most of my knowledge on this subject was mostly from watching CSI and it seems I was in the same boat with most of the children.

For the workshop the children had to solve a crime, the theft of a priceless guitar. They were given five suspects and evidence to determine who among them had stolen the guitar. They had five stations and at every station they were given a clue as to who committed the crime. There was fingerprint analysis, shoe treads and soil samples, fibres, witness statement and paper chromatography to determine who wrote the ransom note.

My station was the fingerprint analysis and it was messy fun to say the least. The children really got into the activity and they also knew the significance of the fingerprints, as a vital piece of their evidence. We took our own fingerprints and tried to determine what type they were, which made for great fun.

At the end of the day everyone managed to find out who had stolen the guitar. Maybe we can even start our own CSI Leicester 😉

I will probably not end up in teaching but still I look forward to my next volunteering opportunity.

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