Double Dip Dave

I can fairly assume the general population is fed up of all the economic doom and gloom constantly churned out by the relentless machine that is 24 hour news. One can hardly go a day without hear the words ‘Eurozone’ and ‘crisis’ at least fourteen times, relentless.

Six months back everyone on the news had a favourite phrase; double dip recession. Technically this is when one recession is followed by moderate growth before being shortly followed by another recession. There was a procession of these lovely chaps telling us how we wouldn’t want a double dip recession, all of them with little solutions to offer at all.

Along came Dave and his sidekick Gideon, flogging their newfangled potion for all our ailments, austerity. It was meant to cure all our ills, just a belt tightening here and we are back to glory days before long.

Clearly the medicine is not going down very well, the figures are out and we are in yet another recession.  The budget was full of cuts here and everywhere, even pensioners are still reeling from the ‘granny tax’.

What we need are superheroes but right now all we have is Double Dip Dave.

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