It’s time for all-nighters

It’s exam time again! It just sneaks on you and odds are no one is ever that prepared for it.

Now that the exams period is upon us, cue the scramble for forgotten textbooks, module outlines, near blank notebooks and caffeine. This is not new, only in January I was all over the place trying to desperately remember the binomial theorem and whatever else was in statistics module.

The curious thing is the amount of caffeine everyone takes at this time of the year. The only all-nighter you find being mentioned is one spent in the library and you meet all manner of red-eyed sleep deprived student stumbling out of David Wilson  every morning. Depending on how desperate their situations are some people practically live in the library the couple of weeks leading to exams. It’s only possible because of caffeine.

Everyone has their own preference proplus, coffee, red bull, monster, relentless or just your normal asda blue charge. We cling to it like it’s a lifeline. I have been consuming the stuff like it is some magic potion to higher grades. But does it really work? Do I really get higher grades?

It’s a rather silly question considering the numerous variables that contribute to any final grade. However, I took to google but could only find this article, it is a bit too sciency for me but it confirms what I thought, caffeine does only enhance concentration. Caffeine is by no means a fix for missed lectures but for an all-nighter you couldn’t go wrong.

I certainly hope your revision is going well and don’t overdo it with the energy drinks or this will happen. Hopefully not 😉

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