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I have been in the zone this past couple of weeks. I am actually finding this revision thing quite enjoyable.

Everyone likes to whinge just about anything and right now exams and coursework are the flavours of choice. Even someone with only like two exams you find them moaning about it. That’s just how students are like, we love a good whinge.

So what are uni exams like? For Economics they are pretty similar to the ones sat at A-level, with an appropriate level of difficulty of course! The statistics based modules are just the same as the maths exams, it’s all problem solving. The other modules like Microeconomics have a multiple choice section, the only new thing being that you get penalised for a wrong answer by losing one third of a mark, not all exams have multiple choice though. The rest is just essay based questions just like A-level Economics.

This semester I have five exams spread over a couple of weeks, so no pressure there. All my coursework is done and submitted, just a matter of waiting for the exams. Until then revision is the order of the day.

I do not wish to trivialise exams at all, to make it sound like it’s a stroll in the park. My intention is to reassure you that it’s not a horror story or at least with a bit of work it doesn’t have to be.


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