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When I first entered the blog era 3 months ago, I wrote a blog titled “A bit about me”. This however wasn’t my first blog as in order to become a blogger I had to write a sample blog. I was pretty satisfied with it and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you guys one day. This day has finally arrived!

This blog concerns all music lovers out there like me.

The Philarmonia orchestra visits Leicester a couple of times each year. In case you don’t know this orchestra, I’ll just say that is one of the world’s greatest orchestras and it gives over than 150 concerts per year across the world.

As a genuine music lover I couldn’t just ignore the opportunity to enjoy such a performance and so in the mid of October I went to De Montfort Hall to enjoy a special concert of them. That was the first time I saw the Philarmonia Orchestra and I have to admit that I was amazed! We enjoyed two pieces, one of Mendelssohn and one of Mahler. Violins, violas and cellos were only some of the instruments that played a major role in this great performance which all students could enjoy for just £5!!

On top of that, I was excited to find out that the Philarmonia Orchestra has some kind of cooperation with our university. Since 2009 students of the University can receive individual instrument tuition from members of the orchestra and some of the Orchestra players coach the University’s orchestras and bands.

I would definitely suggest you go and enjoy at least a performance of that orchestra. Below, you will find the link to their website. Go to the category “Concerts -Tours” to find out which dates they’ll be in Leicester.

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