Celebrating International Women’s Day, Part 2

We are not the only ones though who are trying hard for a proper celebration of the Women’s day. Oxfam society has decided to transform Women’s day into Women’s week and they are organizing many fun and exciting events in co-operation with Amnesty and Activista. As the president of the Oxfam society is my friend I thought I’d give you a brief description of these events.

•    On Monday, a pub quiz at the Fat cat Cafe at 07:00pm

•    Tuesday: Film showing at Ken Edwards building room 528 at 06:00pm. This year they’ll be showing “Bend it like Beckham” as it’s movie directed by a woman. Last year they showed “Hurt locker”, the 1st movie ever directed by a woman to win an Oscar.

•    On Wednesday, an Open Mic night at Sansome’s Bar on Queens Road at 07:30pm

•    Thursday: Pie and Policy debate with the final topic of the debate yet to be decided. (I am 100% that it will be something on women)

•    On Friday, Oxfam society will be outside Queens Hall with their campaign to highlight inspirational women.

DO NOT forget EOW’s event on Saturday. Click on Celebrating International Women’s Day, Part 1  to read more on this.

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