A foodie’s guide, Part 1

As a foodie, eating out in restaurants is my passion. Before graduating and my career as a blogger ends, I really wanted to write a guide with some restaurant suggestions for students who are already in Leicester or are planning to come here.

  • Italian food is one of my favourite type of food and so it couldn’t miss the list. San Carlo is an all time favourite Italian restaurant on Granby street. I highly recommend the risotto lobster. It’s amazingly delicious! It’s true that it is not considered as a budget restaurant but I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • The second one is restaurant 1573 for all meat lovers. They make great spare ribs and steaks and you should definitely give them a try. The prices are very logical and not very expensive comparing to other steak houses.
  •  Cedars Lebanese restaurant. I am sure you never expected to see a Lebanese restaurant on a list of suggested restaurants. I certainly do not agree and I believe that the Lebanese cuisine has some delicious dishes. The shish taouk and the chicken shawarma (I love chicken, I can’t deny it) are both very pleasant to mouth.
  • The fourth one on my list is a buffet and in particular the restaurant More. Usually the quality of food in buffets is lower than in other restaurants but is the best solution when you are starving or when you are arguing with your friends where to go because each one has different taste in food. In my opinion, More serves quality food while they change their menu on a daily basis and they offer a 10% discount to students from Sunday-Thursday in the evening bills.

Come here again next week to read the second and last part of my list of favourite restaurants including my suggestions for Asian cuisine.

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