A foodie’s guide, Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my list with suggested restaurants. In case you haven’t read the 1st part click here to read it!

•    Salvador Deli. This deli is a lovely place and the best choice for lunch after a morning full of lectures as it’s very close to campus. The paninis/sandwiches offered there are amazing and in case you prefer a proper lunch you can always try their pasta. All of them are absolutely delicious. I would also suggest to try their smoothies and fresh juice.

•    The next three places on my list are devoted to the Asian cuisine. My favourite is Emerald Thai, a Thai restaurant. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Thai restaurants in Leicester which is a shame as Thailand has an amazing cuisine. I really love their different curries which are in very decent prices. I would recommend it to anyone.

•    Chinese Cuisine on the other hand is very popular in Leicester. There are loads of Chinese restaurants and most of them offer a buffet. A very popular for its buffet, Chinese restaurant in Leicester is The real China. To be honest though, I do not really like it. What I would suggest instead is the Peking. Peking is Leicester’s oldest Chinese restaurant and is located in Charles Street. The quality of the food there and its value are both exceptional. It’s a value for money restaurant by all means!

•    Finally, I couldn’t miss a reference to the Japanese cuisine and Little Tokyo. I don’t know much of the Japanese cuisine but this small restaurant located in Braunstone gate serves yummy food and in affordable prices. If you are not a friend of sushi you can always go there and have another dish like noodles which I have tried and are very good. Nonetheless, I urge you to try its sushi. At first I thought that sushi was made with raw fish only which I find disgusting but I was wrong. There are many types of sushi and I might not eat the sashimi but the maki (either with vegetables, meat or seafood) are amazing. Sushi is in general expensive and so don’t expect a cheap meal. However, it is much cheaper than Yo sushi which is very overpriced for its food quality.

Closing I would like to stress that this is just my opinion on the restaurants I’ve been to during my 3 years of study here in Leicester and you should take all these suggestions with a pinch of salt. There are dozens more restaurants in Leicester and people do not have the same taste on food.

Drop a comment to let me know what you think of these restaurants or to make a suggestion of a place you’ve been and enjoyed.

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3 responses to “A foodie’s guide, Part 2”

  1. Daniel Hilsden

    I had the Steak-Frites last time I was there – I’m not overly keen on pink steak, but this was actually really nice and juicy too. If you like steak, I’d recommend this.

    If steaks not your friend, I’d wager the haddock fillet is a good bet, since that’s what my friend had and he’s super fussy when it comes to fish! It’s served up with some sauteed asparagus, peas and potatoes – I feel I’m doing it in injustice with words as the smell was really mouth-watering.

    Add mint sauce to the peas and the whole thing comes together wonderfully…getting hungry now – haha!

    Sorry to ramble on 🙂 I’ll paste the questions I have at hand just below here for you Pantelis – no rush in getting them back to me 🙂

    What do you like most about student life, would you recommend it to aspiring students and what did/do you find the most difficult about adjusting to university life?

    Did you come to university with a financial plan or are you just winging it?

    What do you spend most of your money on?

    What do you feel being at university has taught you about your finances?

    Thanks again Pantelis – really value your input!

  2. Daniel Hilsden

    Hey Pantelis – I recently came up to Leicester for a friends Birthday and we ate at Le Bistrot Pierre. I highly recommend this to you being a self-proclaimed lover of the foods! 🙂

    I share your fondness for Asian cuisine also; red Thai curry being my favourite dish, especially when accompanied by some garlic ciabatta!

    Their meals are very reasonably priced too, so it’s well worth checking out – obviously it’s not something that one would choose to do all the time though!

    I’ll have to check out the real China when I’m next up – I’m a sucker for buffets!

    I couldn’t help but notice your love of eating out and was wondering if I could fire a few questions past you at some point?

    If you’d be interested in that, do let me know!

    Keep on blogging!


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