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Hello! So, exams period is back! Although it’s a bit annoying having to go through it twice a year it also has its benefits especially for the not so organized students. The majority of students is not that prepared for the exams and a walk around the library in May definitely reveals this.

This brings back memories of the last five exams periods I’ve been through. Stress, endless hours of study, long study sessions and countless cups of coffee characterize these periods. This May, the same chaotic situation dominates my room, my mind and my thoughts.

This semester I only have to sit three exams as the fourth module was the Business Statistics Project. A 3rd year Economics student can choose either the Econometrics or Business Statistics Project. My topic was tobacco consumption in the Netherlands and the UK. I compared the past data of the two countries and with appropriate methods and techniques I forecasted the next five years. A lot could be done for an accurate forecast like adjusting for the difference in population, finding the prices of cigarettes in each country and creating dummy variables for different policies against smoking that were implemented throughout time. For a good dissertation you have to sacrifice a lot of time for research, so don’t underestimate this step. Work effectively for a great result, which I really hope I have achieved.

Dissertation is in and 2 more exams to go! My first exam, Macroeconomics, was the hardest module of this semester and I believe I’ve done ok. It was easier than I was expecting so fingers crossed. As a friend said “I don’t always feel confident about an exam, but when I do I fail”. Hopefully, this won’t be the case.

On a lighter note, I got an email from the graduation service a week or so ago and I am certainly looking forward to receiving the scroll in front of my proud parents. The charge for hiring the gown and the mortar board though is a bit unpleasant to the wallet. Someone is making a great profit out of the whole graduation story. A funny thing is that you also have the choice to hire the dress for a week. Why would I want it for the whole week? So I can wear it, go to the city centre and yell “I’ve graduated, I’ve graduated!!!”? Hmm, it’s not a bad idea actually!

Good luck to all of you having any kind of exams. Give your best shot.

Take care until next time,


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2 responses to “Exam Mode”

  1. Larona

    wow!3rd year that means you are already done..i am a prospective student nd i got an offer to study economics..Any advice you want to give me in how i should prepare myself for the next coming 3 years?

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