Farewell blog!

During my long absence from blogging a lot has happened. Exams have come and gone, results have been received and I have also graduated.

Fortunately, the weather on the graduation day was lovely and although everything was a bit rushed all in all I had a great day. After waiting for 2 hours in DeMontfort Hall, clapping for each and every graduate and in between having my own 15 seconds of fame I was ready to take hundreds of photos with the gown and my parents/friends. After all, photos is all you have to remember one of the happiest days in your life. My excitement was soon interrupted from someone reminding me to hand in the gown by 18.30. That was pretty early in my opinion but I shouldn’t complain as I took enough photos.

I got it!!

After graduation, me, my friends and our families, had our farewell dinner at San Carlo, a highly recommended restaurant. It was the perfect ending to a perfect year. I am already missing my friends and Leicester. I really hope we manage that reunion we’ve been talking for so long now.

I’m back in Cyprus now but I have promised myself that I will be back soon as all the good memories call me back.

Thank you everyone for being such loyal readers. I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I have enjoyed writing them! Have a brilliant summer and take care!!!



P.S  And remember:

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Milton Berle

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Pantelis graduated from the University in Summer 2013 and is no longer blogging for this site.

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One response to “Farewell blog!”

  1. Alisa L

    Hey… congratulations! Have a great summer holiday and thanks for the great blog posts!

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